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    Let us design your own custom Integrated Video System that will Attract & Nurture your Ideal Customers.

  • Video Strategy

    Attract Your Ideal Customer Using Video Marketing Strategy

    An Integrated Video System will consistently attract highly qualified prospects to your brand and convert them into loyal customers.

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    Video Production

    Get More Customers with Our Affordable Video Packages

    Vimaco provides high quality authentic videos that build brands and engage with your target audience.

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    Video Ad Campaign

    Optimize and Scale Your Video Ad Campaign

    Your cost effective video ad campaigns on Facebook and YouTube will place your message in front of your highly targeted audiences at the right time.

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    Latest Post

    • Cultivate Your Audience

      The objective of the Cultivate Video is to build the essential Know Like and Trust which is a prerequisite for them to buy your stuff.

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    • Why You Need Your Brand Video

        The Brand Video is typically short, one to two minutes long, and introduces you and your brand to a new Cold Audience. Think of it as meeting someone new at a social event for the first time. You want to engage with your audience without being pushy or trying to sell them anything.   […]

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    • Giving Away Free Stuff is Bad For You and Bad For Your Customers

        Giving away your stuff for free is bad you and for bad your customers.   I’m not talking about giving away lead magnets like a one page PDF or a free video. I’m talking about proper ebooks, online courses, memberships and apps.   The fact is that people don’t value free content, no matter […]

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    • When Less is More

      One of the biggest mistakes people do all the time, is that is they think if they create more content they can charge more money. But that simply doesn’t work.

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