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Video Ad Integration

There’s Just 3 Types of Video Ad Campaigns That Work Together to Consistently Guide Your Ideal
Audience Through the Customer Awareness Journey Until They Are Ready to Buy From You.


Brand Video Campaign

     The Brand Video is designed to attract a new audience, with a low commitment, typically one to two minutes long.It’s primary objective is to introduce yourself  as a Solution Provider for a Specific Problem to a Specific Audience. Share your Brand “Hero” Story that relates to Your Audience,their Problem and Your Solution and positions you as an authority in you niche.Share a Gold Nugget that will help your audience right now to demonstrate that you can actually help them.. 

Cultivate Video Campaign

   The Cultivate Video is an educational format, typically 5 to 20 minutes.   The audience is retargeted from those that watched your Brand Video.Share your best content using the WHY,WHAT HOW format to provide Value in Advance which will create Trust with your audience.    Drive traffic to watch the video on your website to allow them know and like you brand. Provide an opportunity to those that are ready to take to the next step to  become your fans and join your community..          

Action Video Campaign

     The Action Video is as long as it needs to be to get your audience to take your desired action.Your target audience are the viewers who watched your Cultivate Video on your website.Focus on helping your audience to take action to solve their problem rather than trying to sell your stuff.Your offer must appear novel, unique and distinct. Use the 12-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Template with the 3 key motivators of Fear, Desire and Logic.  


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