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Video is the most effective content to share your story and increase your Brand Awareness.

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Why Every Restaurant Needs
A Sales Funnel

Step 1: Your ideal potential customer needs to be aware of not only your restaurant, but also your brand. Share with them your story, your cuisine, the quality of your service, your price range., your existing customer base and your Unique Selling Proposition. Video is the most effective tool to quickly pre-frame your audience so that they will know, like and trust you

Step 2: Once your potential customers know and like your restaurant brand, you need to create the desire for them to take action. Launching a Viral Giveaway using awesome prizes such as Gift Cards, will generate engagement with both existing and potential customers. Use Facebook Messenger to get your ideal audience to enter Giveaway Promotions and grow your subscriber list for future retargeting.

Step 3: Follow up with your Giveaway participants with a “Godfather” offer that they can’t refuse. Don’t discount your main products as it lessens the perceived value and therefore, actual value of your product. That’s bad for future visits. So use Free ‘extras’ or special packages to increase the chances of that person becoming a loyal customer and give them an experience that will want them to come back again.

Step 4: The Return On Investment (ROI) is in the back end of the funnel. So we use a specific Messenger sequence to drive new customers back again, and get them to bring in new customers for you. Statistics show that if a customer visits your restaurant for the third time, the statistical likelihood of a fourth visit is over 70%. So you have to market for three visits, not one. This is why you need to use the Restaurant Sales Funnel.



How To Consistently Generate New Customers And Convert Them Into Raving Fans On Autopilot