Gerry Tacovsky, Founder and CEO of VIMACO, is an award-winning marketer and video creator for the hospitality industry.

After graduating from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Gerry featured in numerous top rating television shows, including Home and Away, Police Rescue, Country Practice, Water Rats, E Street, Country Practice, GP and Richmond Hill .

Since pivoting to a marketing career, Gerry uses his digital marketing expertise to help restaurants to consistently get new customers and converts them into loyal fans, that increases their Customer Lifetime Value.

My First Day Working in a Restaurant Changed Everything…

Most people remember the first day of their very first job.
I sure do remember mine.

It was with The Summer House Restaurant in the brand new Sydney International Airport Hilton (now known as the Novotel).

That morning, I was a little nervous, and little excited too.

My job was to set up the tables with tablecloths, polish the wine glasses and cutlery, fold the serviettes, and place the bread rolls in the warmer.

I was relieved to have completed all my tasks before we opened for lunch.

Then I waited – literally. Waited for the customers to turn up.
Midday passed – no customers.
One o’clock – still no customers.

I could see the stress on the Maitre d’s face.
I thought that my first day might also be my last!

Fortunately, a couple of tables came in later for lunch, but I couldn’t understand why such a beautiful, brand new restaurant, with a world class menu and service, was struggling to get customers.

And then it hit me.
Even if you have an awesome Restaurant with great food, friendly and efficient service at a great location, doesn’t mean anything – unless your ideal customer knows about it.

I came to the realisation that you will never grow your restaurant business and have peace of mind, until you have a profitable, efficient, dependable, means of attracting a sufficient flow of customers.

But here’s the problem…
Your potential customers will NEVER know how good you are, until they actually become a customer.

And if they never become a customer, they will never know how good you are.
And that can be extremely frustrating.

You don’t get new customers with great Food and Service.
You only get them with great Marketing.

That’s why I didn’t become a chef, like my father.
I became a marketer instead.

This is why you need a solid marketing strategy.
The Restaurant Sales Funnel is an automated system that will create Brand Awareness and Drive new customers to your restaurant and get them to back again and again.

This website is in honor of my father, Dobrus, an international Executive Chef that worked way too many hours away from his family.

My mission is to make restaurant owners’ lives a little easier by creating low cost, automated marketing systems that are fully trackable so, that you can focus on serving your customers (and your family).

Bon Appetit
Gerry Tacovsky
Managing Director, Vimaco PTY LTD