The objective of this video is to persuade your target audience to take your desired ACTION. This includes opting in for a free Lead Magnet, purchasing a Core Product or High End Service.

This video script uses a proven step-by-step sequence, adapted from David Frey’s “12-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Template”

It works because it hits on all three motivators; DESIRE, FEAR and LOGIC. What’s more, this sequence harnesses each motive in a way that’s both controlled and systematic.

To craft your perfect Action Video script, simply answer all of the following questions below, using the examples to guide you. Then click the GENERATE MY SCRIPT button, and your personalised Action Video Script will automatically be sent to your email, ready to use. Tweak as needed and pick up your smartphone and start recording your video.

  • Example: "John Doe."
  • Example: "Fit4Life."
  • Example: Are you searching for an easy and effective method to shed all that unwanted body fat once and for all, without breaking into a sweat in the gym?
  • Example: "You've tried every diet out there and you still can't seem to lose any weight."
  • Example: "The fact is if you don't lose your weight, you risk cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. At least 68 percent of people age 65 or older with diabetes, die from some form of heart disease; and 16% die of stroke. Don't be one of the statistics."
  • Example:"Fortunately, that doesn't have to happen to you nor your family. Introducing Fit4Life, a unique dietary program that provides you with a healthy and totally satisfying meal replacement. Your intake will be automatically calculated to ensure you consume the correct number of calories to easily lose your excess fat."
  • Example: “As an Accredited Practicing Dietitian for the past 20 years, I have consulted with the whole spectrum of clients, from Olympic athletes to those that are morbidly obese”.
  • Example: “And on every occasion, I have been able to help my clients to achieve their dietary goals, quickly and effortlessly, with my unique formula, Fit4Life.”c
  • Example: "A recent report from the World Health Authority states that 9 out of 10 participants using this product, have experienced long term success with their weight loss".
  • Example: "As a first time user, I 'm going to make it a no-brainer for you. For a limited time only, I'm going to offer you a 50% off for a one year subscription. That's a savings of $1050! But you must order now to lock in your special offer."
  • "I am so confident that Fit4Life will change your life forever, that I'm offering you a 100 percent money-back guarantee. No questions asked."
  • Example: “Your special offer of 50% off for a one year subscription is only available for the first 100 orders we receive today.”
  • Example: "You can start your new life right now by clicking on the Green Button below."
  • Example: "Let me ask you a question, if you don't take action now, how can you expect to change your life for the better? Don't miss out on this opportunity, if not for you, then for your family. Order now before it's too late."
  • Example: “Remember to claim for 50% off discount when you order today. So click below now so you don’t miss out.”