Brand Before You Sell

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If you have a great product or service and that can really help people but you are struggling to sell your stuff, then the most likely reason its not working out for you, is that you are trying to sell before you have created brand awareness.

A lot of new business owners don’t realise they need to brand. Many of them see it as a waste of money, because a brand video doesn’t directly result in a sale. They don’t see their ROI straight away.
But that is a total misconception and that is why you are struggling to get customers.
Look at the multi-million dollars business around. They all have a strong brand which is essential for them to be successful.

So first of all, before we can brand, we have to understand, what brand is really about. Most people will say a brand is a logo, a name or a jingle.

I’s a perception that other people have in their mind about your business, your products and services. It’s how people feel about you.

Does your brand make them feel smart, younger, sophisticated, athletic, sexy, strong, and influential.
And your brand exists whether you choose to create or not – because your brand is a perception other people have.

So the most powerful one thing you can ever do as a business owner or marketer, is to be able to influence the perception people have towards your brand. And it comes back to emotion – regardless of what product you sell.

I did a video where I a taste test of water bottles, and both bottles were identical, they were the same size, 600ml, and they were filtered tap water. One bottle was a non-branded form the local super market the other was branded as Mount Everest, but was still filtered water from the tap, and sold for 4 times a s much as the non-branded water.

So if branding can do that for bottles of water, what can it do for your product or service?
Remember, branding has nothing to do with logic – it’s all about emotions. And the most effective way to create emotion for your brand, is through stories. More specifically, your Brand Hero Story which engages with your ideal audience.

Stories helps your brand to connect emotionally with your customers and makes them want to buy from you. And they will be willing to pay a premium price – more than they would from your competitors.
So branding is not a waste of your marketing budget – it’s actually a smart investment that will reward you when you sell your stuff.

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Gerry Tacovsky
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