Campaign # 2: Nurturing Leads



  Video Type: Content Video The Content Video is a longer form (3 to 10 minutes) video that provides your warm audience, that already know you, with high value content, focused on their pain points. Give them your very best stuff because your audience will judge you from the quality of the content that you deliver. This longer form video allows your audience to spend more time with your Brand which builds the Know Like and Trust factor which is a precursor for them to buy from you.
  Campaign Objective: Website Clicks Use Website Clicks to drive your audience to your website. Your content should be ungated ie. they should not have to optin to access your video content. When your audience are on your website, they may choose to learn more about you and product. You should have opportunities for them to sign up for offers on your website or even purchase a product if they are ready to buy.
  Target Audience Retarget the audience that have previously watched your Brand videos using Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences let you reach viewers you already know with ads on Facebook.
You can upload your email list or phone numbers of at least 20 customers and Facebook will show your Video Ad to them. This is highly effective when you are running simultaneous campaigns through email and Facebook, especially when you consider that the average open rate for marketing emails is just 14% to 28%.
  Set up 4 Ad Sets with Custom Audiences 1. Custom audience made up of those that watched your Brand Video.
2. Fans of your Facebook Page
3. Your Email List
4. Visitors to your website
  Budget Spend 20% of your Total Campaign Budget on the Website Clicks campaign.
  Ad Placement: Desktop, Right Column, Mobile
  Bidding: Automatic
  Optimize Campaign Review the results of your Website Clicks campaign by analysing the Cost Per Click Rate. Scale your ad by increasing the budget by 50 percent at a time. If you try to increase your spend too quickly, it can take up to 72 hours for Facebook algorithm to adjust.
  HOT TIP Be sure to upload the Facebook Pixel on every page of your website so that you can remarket to them. Go to the Ads Manager Tools to copy your Pixel Code.


The Content Video is targeting the viewers that watched your Brand Video in Campaign #1. Now that they know you, after the ‘first date’, it’s time to take them home to your website. This will give you the opportunity to build your relationship with them.

This video is the longest of the three campaigns as the more time your audience spend with you, the stronger the relationship will grow. This creates the trust factor which is vital in the nurturing process.
Of the three style of video campaigns, this is perhaps the easiest one to create as it allows you to do what you do best, share your most valuable content. It is important to understand that you need to deliver your best stuff because your audience will only be able to judge your value by what you can deliver to them now – not the promise in the future.
The Value-First strategy is essentially based on the Freemium Model. This is where you give your best content away for free to the masses in the hope that a minority will want to pay you to access the premium features.
Also by giving away valuable content, you will benefit from the Principle of Reciprocity which basically defines the human need and tendency to want to give something back when something is received. This need is strongest when the gift is given without expectation of return.
So whilst this video doesn’t sell any of your products directly, it does position yourself as an authority in your niche. When your prospects are ready to take action, they will buy from you rather than your competitors.
There are two reasons why we want your audience to view our Content Video on our website;
1. You can retarget everyone that watched your video on your website using the Facebook or Google pixels.
2. Your Viewers can browse freely on your website to learn more about you and what you have to offer. If they are ready to buy, they can do so instantly.
Now let’s look at how to create your Content Video.
  1. RESEARCH THE TOPIC The success of your Content Video is totally dependent on the specific topic you choose. You want to deep dive into a subject that is really important to your ideal customers. So the best strategy to find out exactly what you viewers are searching for, using free tools that are available to you.
* Google Search
* Google Keyword Planner
* YouTube Search
* Facebook Groups
* Readit
* Online Forums
Surveys are a great way to learn exactly what your audience want from you. Use Survey Monkey to ask them what are their greatest challenges in your niche.
  2. STRUCTURE Once you have chosen your topic, break it down into three to seven clearly defined segments. If you have more than seven segments, it becomes more difficult for your audience to remember each one and to take action. And if your audience don’t take action, then they won’t see your content as being effective and this will impact on your Call to Action video in Campaign #3.
So keep the structure simple so that they can see results from using your content. This will make them more receptive to your offers in the future.
  SCRIPT OUTLINE   1. THE OPENING * Grab attention and qualify your audience by stating the topic of the video which relates to the Brand Video.
* Re-introduce yourself to your warm audience.
* Set the expectations of this video and focus on the benefits they will gain.
  2. THE MAIN CONTENT * The content should be broken down into three to seven distinct parts.
* Use visuals such as text overlays, images and B-Roll to reinforce the key points.
  3. THE SUMMARY * Go over each of the key segments of the video presentation.
  4. THE CALL TO ACTION * Offer additional information for this topic such as a free PDF that they can download.



It’s now time to deliver your video to the viewers who watched your Brand Video in Campaign #1.