Campaign # 3: Convert Leads



Video Type: Call to Action Video The CTA Video is a shorter (1 to 2 minutes) video that moves your audience to take your desired action. This can include registering for your webinar, optin in for your free Lead Magnet or even buying a low priced product on a sales page.Campaign Objective: Website Conversion Use Website Conversion as your objective so Facebook will optimize your audience to give you the highest possible conversions.Target Audience Retarget your audience that have previously visited your website and watched your videos.Set up 4 Ad Sets – Custom Audiences 1. People who watched at least 50% of your Content videos
2. People who visited your website
3. Facebook Fans
4. Your Email List / CustomersAd Placement: Desktop, Right Column, Mobile
Bidding: Automatic Budget Spend 70% of your Total Campaign Budget on the Website Clicks campaign. In this campaign you should spend the most to maximize your results as you go for the sale.Optimize Campaign Review the results of your Website Conversion campaign by analysing the Cost Per Lead .
For example with a digital product, if your Leads are costing you $2 each and you are converting One Customer from every Five Leads, then your product must be priced over $10 to be profitable.



The Call to Action script template is composed of 10 essential steps. Each step is designed to walk you through the creation process and ensure your CTA video moves your audience through the journey to take your desired action. This includes having them optin their email address for a free Lead Magnet, register for a Webinar or buy your Product.
When it comes to people making decisions, there are three major motivators: Desire, Logic, and Fear.
This 10-step Strategy works because it uses all three types of motivations. This sequence harnesses each motive in a way that is both controlled and systematic. This is the key to this strategy. These 10 steps are not intended to be a checklist of features; they are a SEQUENCE.
You should be creative and add your own personal brand style to suit your offer. However it is recommended that you maintain the 10 steps in order because this process is designed to control the sales process, building your arguments, and overcoming objections.
In fact, it is recommended that you begin your CTA script by creating 10 blank slides in PowerPoint or Keynote. That way, you’ve got at least one slide for each step.
When it comes to CTA videos, it best to keep visuals simple as not to distract from the message. There are two ways to achieve this; first is for the presenter to talk straight to camera as if they are talking one to one with their viewer.
The second option is to use simple slides that literally spell out the sales message, word for word, along with a voice over. This can convert extremely well by having your audience fully engaged with both audio and visual senses, creating an almost hypnotic effect.
1. Attention Grabbing Opening Like any video, your opening must instantly grab attention and qualify your target audience. Asking a question engages the viewer by prompting them to consider a reply.
Think visually as on some platforms such as Facebook, , your video ad will auto play without audio. In the above video, the text appears word by word creating movement and keeps the audience intrigued in what the question will be.
2. Identify the Problem with the Promise to Solve it Immediately after the greeting, you need to point out a problem that resonates with the viewer. Then, let them know that if they keep watching the video, they will learn how to overcome this problem. This does two things: it reassures viewers that they are watching the right video, and it affirms that you actually understand their problem.
3. Aggravate the Problem Now it’s time to stir their emotions so that they feel the pain. The greater the pain, the greater the motivation to take action. Everyone has their own pain threshold and unless you reach it, your audience will not take the action you desire.

In this example, we try to motivate the viewer to take action by detailing the risks of obesity.
4. Provide the Solution Once you have hit their pain point, you need to immediately provide them with the solution, which is your offer. It is vital that you don’t leave your prospect in pain for too long or they may exit from your video. Ouch!
Including a professional product shot in your solution boosts conversions. Focus on the benefits and how it will take them from their current Pain to their Pleasurable Future.
5. Desire Call-to-Action This, the first of the three CTAs, is based on Desire and follows your product solution. Tell your viewers exactly what they need to do next. This could be to click the link below the video or call the number on the screen.
6. Social Proof This is where you want to tell the viewer why they should listen to you. Include whatever proof, testimonials and case studies that support your offer.
7. Risk Reversal Take the risk out of the equation altogether. Give your prospect a good, solid guarantee, reassuring them that you stand behind your product. Whilst some people may maliciously take advantage of this offer, you will in the end, make more sales with the guarantee to overcome the bad ones.
Offer a guarantee that eases your prospect’s concerns about risk.
8. Logical Gain Call-to-Action Your second CTA should appeal to the prospect’s logic. You’ve been building up to this CTA throughout the two previous steps, so you simply need to state the facts.
9. Scarcity If there are any deadlines associated with your offer, this is the place to mention them. Sometimes, it may be appropriate to make your prospects feel guilty by saying if they don’t take action now, how can they expect their life to improve?”
10. Emotional Loss Call-to-Action The final CTA in your video should be fear-based. And if you’ve followed these steps, you’ve already made the case for why action is essential to preventing pain or loss. Tell them to “Click here, before it’s too late”.




Now it’s time to deliver your Call to Action Video to the viewers who visited your website to watch your Content Video.