Cultivate Your Audience

The Cultivate Video is an information or educational video, targeting those that have watched your previous Brand Video. Since you have already introduced yourself to this audience, we can categorize them as being warm and aware of their problem.
So your objective is to build the essential Know Like and Trust which is a prerequisite for them to buy your stuff. The best way to do that is, to give your audience your very best content. They will judge you based on the value that you deliver. So don’t hold anything back. By providing value upfront, you also bring into play the Rule of Reciprocity where your viewers will feel indebted to you.
Ideally, you want your audience to watch this video on your website. This will enable them to browse your site without a sales pitch. Those that are ready to buy can do so. However most won’t buy at this stage, and that’s normal. The more time your audience spends with your brand, the greater the engagement, which will result in greater trust.
How to Structure Your Cultivate Video
Typically, your Cultivate Video will be educational. The audience is already aware of their problem and seeking solutions.
Your topic needs to be specific and directly related to your audience’s problem and your solution. Be sure to research the video’s specific topic using Google Search/Keyword Planner and YouTube Search to make sure enough prospects are searching for the topic.
The content of the video can be broken down into three distinct sections that must follow in a sequence. Start with the WHY they need to watch the content, followed by WHAT your content is about and end with HOW to implement your content.
Before you can present your content to your audience, they need to understand why they should watch your video. What’s in it for them? What will they get in return for the time they spend with you? And the answer is transformation.
Right at this moment, your audience has a problem. They may need more money, a new relationship, get healthier. Your video is the start of their journey to resolve it. Your product or service is an opportunity for them to be taken from the point of being in pain to the point of being without that pain.
When you focus on the benefits and the result your audience will experience, you will create desire. Tell them what they will be able to do when they complete your training program. Describe how their lifestyle will change when they learn how to invest their savings. Show them the tranquil tropical beaches where they can relax when purchasing their airline ticket.
In this second section, you want to teach what they need to do to achieve their desire. To create impact, focus on three to seven clearly defined bite-sized chunks of information. If you have more than seven chunks, it becomes more difficult for your audience to remember each one and to take action. If your audience doesn’t take action, then they won’t see your content as being effective.
Now that your audience understands the WHY and WHAT, it’s time to show them the HOW they can do it. This is the process or the system of how they can achieve their desire, whether it’s to play the piano, invest in the stock market, find their dream partner or renovate their home. Your product or service is the natural progression of the HOW that nicely places your Action video in Campaign #3.
Take Them Home with You
Offer additional information for this topic such as a free PDF that they can download or provide links to other videos on your website.
Although you will not directly try to ‘sell’ anything, you do want them to browse your website and to find out a bit more about you and provide opportunities for those that are ready to buy. Most viewers won’t buy from you yet, and that’s natural. That’s why we have a follow up video campaign for them to take action.
Gerry Tacovsky
Video Marketing Strategist