Customer Journey

The Customer Journey From Awareness to Intent
There are five stages to consider when creating an Integrated Video System that will guide your ideal audience through the Customer Journey to buy your stuff. And all you need is just three types of videos for your campaign.
1. Unaware of the Problem
In this initial stage, your prospect is unaware that they have a problem. For example, how many of us can ‘survive’ without our smartphones for a day. We use it to make or take phone calls at anytime; we follow our family and friends on Facebook; we can search for better prices as we shop; we can listen to our favourite music and we can use the many hundreds of apps that can enhance our lives. But before they existed, not having a smartphone did not seem to be a problem. This is where your Brand Video can create awareness by identifying the problem.
2. Problem Aware
This is a critical stage when our prospect first becomes aware of a pain point. It might be literally a physical pain such a lower back problem but they don’t know if there is any solution.
3. Solution Aware
Your prospect is researching for solutions for their pain point.
4. Consider Your Solution
Your product or service is now being considered by your prospect. Here you use your Content Video to provide value to your prospect by actually helping them.
5. Ready to Buy
Time to place your offer in front of your prospect. What will move them to take action now – is it quality, fast, cheap – choose two of the three). Us your Call to Action Video to move you prospect to take your desired action. This may be to optin for a free PDF, register for a webinar or purchase a product.
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Until next time,
Gerry Tacovsky
Video Marketing Strategist