Done Is Better Than Perfect

Welcome to Video Marketing to Grow Business
I’m Gerry Tacovsky and we are LIVE – unless, of course if you are watching a replay.
But that’s cool, because over the coming weeks, we will be doing a series on creating and launching content, more specifically a book. And how we are going to use video to promote it.
So if you have ever thought about writing a book for your niche market, and it doesn’t book, it could any information product, online course – it doesn’t matter, this will work for you.
You will be looking over my shoulder each week as I create an awesome sales funnel for the book and we will see what happens. This is going to be a launch, without a net.
Now if this fails , this is going to be a very short series. But the truth is that We can never fail – we just learn another way of not doing it right.
My first book was called, Power Performance for Public Speaking came out in BA; that is Before Amazon. It was self-published and I printed one thousand copies – but no idea what to do with them. I’ve got about 987 books left in the garage.
I decided to write another book about two years ago. And I came up with this brilliant idea to overcome the greatest obstacle any writer has – the blank page.
So what I went through all my video scripts, all my webinar slides, all my blog posts and copied and pasted them into one word document.
“Ha”, I said to myself. “No more blank pages”. Now I had hundreds and hundreds of written pages. All I had to do, was edit them.
And after a few false starts – still nothing happening. I finally got everything in some sort of order – but writing was still a laborious process. I was spending way too much time trying to perfect each sentence. So nothing flowed.
Then one day, everything changed. A friend of mine had just launched his ebook and charged the same cost for what the shipping cost would have been if it was a physical book. And that seemed to work.
Once I started thinking of the obvious benfits of an ebook, it was like the lights turning on. Why don’t I write an ebook myself? If I make a mistake, easy- fix it.
I always worried that once I printed my books, someone would pick up a mistake somewhere. It always happens. Someone would send me an email and say, on page 68, third paragraph, second sentence, you’ve got it’s. There shouldn’t be an apostrophe. And then I would feel like I would have to recall all the books that have been sold, and print a new batch, with the correction.
Now by going digital, all the pressure was off to be perfect.
That reminded me of a dear friend who was a very good singer. She recorded a demo tape which she was going to show record producers. She worked on this demo tape for months after months and finally, she let me hear it. I’m not an expert in music but it certainly sounded great to me.
But she didn’t like it. She had to fix up a couple of little things before she could give it to the record agents.
Well a few more months went past and she finally had a new demo tape. When she first played it, I nearly fell off my chair. Her voice was totally different. She use to sing in a higher octave , but now was using her lower range. And the music style was completely different again.
Despite the change, it was still pretty good, so I asked her when are you going to give the demo out to the record company. She said she still had some work to do. Of course, she never finished the demo.
I caught up with her recently on Facebook, and we never talk about those days when she wanted to be a singer. Those days are gone. But I always wonder – what if?
What if she had played that demo tape to the record company and what if they had signed her up for a deal, and she went to become a singer? What if?
Don’t do this to yourself. Don’t wait for perfection – it will never come.
Of course, she never finished the demo.
So get out there and get it DONE!
Next week, I ‘ll be back and we’ll talk about pricing your product.
Until next time,
Gerry Tacovsky