Get in Front of the Camera to Build Your Brand

If the idea of getting in front of a video camera is something you want to avoid at all costs, then I’ve got some tips to help you overcome your fear.

Let’s start with why you need to get in front of the video camera. If you run your own business, if you are a coach or consultant, if you are the CEO spokesperson of a company, then you MUST OWN the real estate in the minds of your target audience.

For example, if I say, “Tony Robins” then most of you will probably have an image of Tony in your mind. You may even hear his voice – whether you like him or not.

That gives him instant credibility, trust, authority which are essential to sell your stuff.
The question is, what appears in someone’s mind, when they hear your name?

Do I hear crickets?

Now the most effective way to own that real estate in your target audience’s mind, is be being in front of the video camera.

Now the most common objection that I hear is that their face isn’t right for video. Let me answer this – there are many highly successful ‘celebrities business people’ that are not particularly good looking. It is the value that they provide to their audience that counts.

If you provide content that helps your audience to overcome a pain point, then you will be very attractive to them. Trust me.

Most people don’t like to see themselves on video – that’s natural. So get over it. IF you want to be highly successful in your business, than having a personal brand will help you get there faster than anything else.

Other objections I hear are I don’t have time, I don’t have video stuff, I don’t know how to edit video or upload video.

Well look at me, what am I doing now, a live video with my smartphone. What else do you need? Nothing.
Now the other objection is that you are not interesting enough or people won’t like you. Listen to this… all you have to do is to be yourself. No need to copy anyone or pretend something you’re not. Just be yourself – but be your “right” self.

By that, I mean we all play many roles every day. I am a father, but I am also a son. I am a teacher but also a student. I am a business owner and also a customer. Each of these roles are real and authentic.
And in front of the camera, your role is an expert in your niche. And that’s real.

Branding is all about differentiating yourself from your competitors. The most effective way to do that is to be yourself. Because you are unique. Branding done.

Until next time,
Gerry Tacovsky
Video Marketing Strategist