How to Get More Views for Your Video Ad

If you want to get more views for your video ads, then you need to do two things;

* Grab instant attention within the first three seconds;
* Once you have your viewers’ attention, then you need to create instant desire to keep them wanting to watch the rest of your video.

Thankfully you can easily accomplish both by simply using basic human instincts and desires.

Grab Instant Attention
There are four fool-proof visual tactics you can use to grab that crucial initial attention.
We are hard-wired to notice movement. If we were walking through the jungle, we need to be able to quickly notice any movement or risk being someone’s lunch. The fact is we cannot ignore movement even if we tried. So video is perfect to use the power of movement for the first three seconds of your video.

Have a close look at your Facebook feed and notice what captures your attention. The chances are that it will be something different like a colour. Imagine there are 100 boxes of which 99 were blue and one was red. Our attention would instinctively be focused on the red box.

So look at how you can use colour to stand out in the news feed. Whether it is the colour of your clothing, the background of your video or using bright coloured text overlay, this is a highly effective tactic to stand out from the crowd.

Be creative to come up with an unusal opening visual. If you’re not creative, that’s ok. Just think if you were creative, how would you frame the first few seconds of your video. Think outside the ‘square frame’ to get your potential viewers to do a double-take and want to look at your video.

We are have a natural instinct to take notice of faces. In particular, we instantly make eye-contact to determine whether they are a friend or foe. Again, video is ideal to make a face to face interaction. There’s no need to worry on how you look either because research show that we find faces more attractive, the more time we see them. So make lots of videos!

So once we have grabbed the viewers’ attention for the first few seconds, how do we keep them watching our video? Well we need to keep their interest by tapping into the very essence of what makes human tick. These are powerful biological motivators, so use them wisely.

Choose the most powerful desire that can be applied to your product or service. Acknowledge that desire, reinforce it, offer a means to satisfy it through your product offer. Take the features of your product and show your prospect how these product performances inevitably satisfy that desire.

Some of the most profitable niches include supplements, fitness and survival kits. And why would you be surprised? After all without the ‘survival’ instinct, we wouldn’t be here now. So if your product or service is linked to the survival desire, then that should be the focus of your video ad message.

What is the one thing we all desire every single day of our lives? To eat and drink. If you are a restaurant, supermarket, dietician, recipe specialist, all you need to do is focus on the food and drinks and you will have your viewers’ attention.

We have a powerful desire to avoid things that may hurt us both physically and mentally. Just the threat of pain causes us to experience stress and we will do just about anything to get rid of it. So focus on how your product offer can relive the pain point. For example, if you provide fences for homes, don’t focus on the aesthetic qualities of the fence, or the cheap prices, focus on the security your customers will feel having a fence around their home.

The Singles market is always booming because we need to seek a mate to perpetrate our species. This is a powerful biological desire to tap in for your product or service.

We always seek for comfort in our lives from the cave days to today. And we will take action against anything that makes us uncomfortable such as leaking ceilings, being too hot ot too cold and having a lumpy sofa that needs replacing.

We buy many things in life that help us to establish our status in the community. Cars are an obvious example such as a BMW, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce or a Porsche. We like being seen in these cars because it tells others that we are ‘successful’ and ‘superior’ than them.

Parents will do anything to protect their children from harm. If we use the car example here, we would be buying Volvos. This is another powerful desire to focus on for your product offer.

We will buy things that provide us with social approval. For example, if everyone is buying a brand that helps protect the environment, than people will be more likely follow.

By capturing your viewers inital attention and backing it up by focusing on a huamn desire, you will increase your video view conversion rates and reduce your cost per view.

Let me know your results.

Gerry Tacovsky
Video Marketing Strategist