How To Buy Customers And Increase Your Restaurant Profits

Buy Your Customers And Increase Your Restaurant Profits
The 10 Rules To Get Exponential Growth For Your Restaurant!
Rule #1 Earn Attention – Use the 60/20/20 Content Ratio
Rule #2 Brand Your Restaurant Before Promoting An Offer
Rule #3 Always Have a Call To Action – Soft or Hard
Rule #4 Use An Irresistible Offer, And Tell Them Why.
Rule #5 Get An Instant Response Using Scarcity – FOMO
Rule #6 Provide Clear Instructions To Get Your Offer/ T&C
Rule #7 Consistently Track and Measure Your ROI
Rule #8 Grow, Nurture and Clean Your Database
Rule #9 Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
Rule #10 CLV 3-1 Ratio with Customer Acquisition Cost

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Use the 10 Rules to Create Exponential Growth For Your Restaurant
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