How to Create Shallow Depth of Field Using Your Video Editing Software

Do you want to create the film look for your video using a shallow depth of field?

Well, you don’t need a DSLR video camera, or any fancy lens. In fact you can use your existing camcorder or even your smartphone.
The secret is to use a simple tool that is available in many video editing software packages. I use Adobe’s wonderful Premier Pro, but you can use any software that has visual effects.
First, select the video clip that you want to add your depth of field. Then search for video effects for a ‘Blur’. There are many types such as the camera Blur which is ideal for camera movement but for this project, select the Gaussian Blur effect for your video clip.
You will notice that the Blur will affect the whole clip so we will need to use the pen tool to create a mask for our foreground object. Then we will need to invert the blur so that it will affect everything except the masked area. Use the Mask Feather tool to soften the edges and give the background a subtle blur.
And there you have it – the foreground is sharp and the background is soft, giving you depth of field.
Gerry Tacovsky
Video Marketing Strategist