How to Use the New YouTube Interactive Cards

Say good bye to annotations and hello to the new YouTube interactive cards.

YouTube has introduced new interactive cards, which will replace the annotations you see pop up on some videos.
These cards are more effective and more importantly, are clickable on mobile devices.
There are five types of cards:
Merchandise: promotes your licensed merchandise
Fundraising: links directly to a project on a white-listed fundraising site
Video or Playlist: links to another public YouTube video or playlist. For the latter, if you link to an individual video within a playlist, the card will default to the playlist.
Associated Website: if you have a site or sites associated with you account, you can use this card to link to it or them.
Fan Funding: if you have enabled fan funding for your account, then this card lets your viewers make a contribution directly from the video page.
Follow these steps to create a card for one of your videos:
1. Go to Video Manager page and choose one of your videos to edit.
2. Next, click Cards from the top menu bar.
3. Click the blue Add card button.
4. Choose the type of card you’d like to add and click the Create button next to it.
5. In the dialog box, enter a URL for the site you’d like to point your viewers to or choose a related video to which you’d like to link and then click the Create card button.
6. Using the slider along the bottom of the screen, you can adjust the start time of the card teaser. A teaser flashes the title of your card next to the static “i” button for a few seconds.
You can add up to five cards to a video. You can edit or delete a card you added by clicking on the pencil icon next to a card in the Cards tab.

Gerry Tacovsky
Video Marketing Strategist