Know Your Numbers For Profitable Video Ad


Download Your Free Video Ad Campaign Formula

If you want to run video ad campaigns on Facebook or YouTube and not lose your hard earned cash, then to need to learn what numbers to look out for and how to optimize them to increase your Return On Investment.

In this Video Workshop, I show you a simple spreadsheet formula that I use for all of my campaigns so that I can consistently run profitable campaigns.

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of this is simple formula to provide you the insight you need to not only keep your business from going broke , but to grow it into the success that you dream of. It simply works each and every time. It may not be sexy, but this spreadsheet will be your best friend.

Not only do I show you the numbers you need to for success, but I share with you the strategy to optimize your price, your cost per lead and your conversion rate.

Let me know what you think. You can download spreadsheet from the link above or better yet, you can join our Video Ad Mastermind Community and learn more about creating effective video ads to grow your business.


Until next time,

Gerry Tacovsky

Video Marketing Strategist