Live Video Marketing - The Solution


There are thousands of business owners, marketers, coaches and consultants that know video is a highly effective tool to attract and engage their target audience.
They know all the stats;
– Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined (Brightcove)
– Businesses that use video generate 41% more web traffic (Adelie Studios)
– Video on a landing page increases conversions by 80% (Visually)
The list goes on and yet, despite the compelling Return On Investment for online video, these business owners don’t use this powerful marketing tool. So why not? What is stopping them from creating videos to grow their business?
There are two main ‘issues’ that I constantly hear from business owners;
1. The Technical Challenges of Creating Video.
Just a few years ago, I use to get a lot of questions on what video equipment businesses needed, such as video cameras, tripods, microphones, lights, editing and video capture software.
It’s true that video equipment used to be expensive and required a reasonable level of skills to use effectively and today, it can still be intimidating.
2. Time to Create Videos
Business owner are busy working on their business and focused on serving their customers. They don’t want to spend their valuable time making videos.
I can understand that. In my own experience, I can spend an hour just doing the research for a video such as searching for the right keywords, developing an outline for the video and writing a script. Not everyone will want to write a detailed script and although you don’t follow it word for word, if you value the time of your viewers, then you should ensure you don’t go off in tangents and make the video longer than it needs to be.
Then you need to set up for the production. I’m fortunate that I have a dedicated studio for my productions so I only need to turn the lights on and shoot.
Most people dread editing their videos because it can be very time consuming. I must confess that I love it as I try to be creative with the post-production effects such as adding dynamic text overlays, music and sound effects, some green screen magic and a few awesome motion graphics.
Then it’s time to upload the video to your favourite platform, optimize and promote it. Overall, the whole process can take me four hours so creating a weekly video is a very real challenge for busy entrepreneurs.
Fortunately, there is a solution. Live Streaming Video.
Whether you use Periscopes on Twitter, Meerkat, Blab, Live YouTube or Facebook, you can now create weekly videos with just your smartphone in just a few minutes. No need to any other video equipment, no editing or screen capture software required, although I do recommend a lavaliere microphone.
And the most compelling reason for you to use Live Video is your ability engage with your audience, call them out by name, answer their questions and position yourself in your niche. That alone should inspire you to get started.
Using live streaming video is a bit like walking a tight rope without a net and your first time can be a little intimidating. But like all things in life – it does get easier and you’ll quickly improve. Fortunately your audience is forgiving for live videos and if you really feel your video turned out to be a mess, you can always delete it. Use it as a learning experience and have another go.
So no more excuses. Hop on to your favourite platform and start engaging with your audience today – live.
Gerry Tacovsky
Video Marketing Strategist