Manage Your Restaurant Reviews For More Sales

Manage Your Reviews To Increase Your Sales
Every restaurant owner knows the importance of positive online reviews for their business. Positive customer reviews are a proven way of increasing sales.

It’s a fact that 60% of diners read reviews before visiting a restaurant for the first time. Managing your reviews is the quickest and most economical strategy to increase your revenue. You need to be proactive to manage your customers so that they will write positive reviews for your restaurant.

Post Purchase Cognitive Dissonance is the term we give to the state of unease which exists in the customer’s mind after ordering a meal from the menu. Manage your customers’ expectations particularly on Social Media and your Website.

The fact is that happy customers are less likely to leave a review whilst disgruntled customers are more likely to do so. By encouraging contented customers to share their experience with online reviews, you increase positive promotion around your restaurant that will improve your chances of increasing footfall and sales. Your motto should be “Under Promise – Over Deliver”

In this video, I share with you the Top 10 Tips how to avoid getting bad reviews and get raving reviews that increase your sales.

Gerry Tacovsky
Social Media Marketing Strategist