Milkshake Method Social Media For Restaurants

In this video, I interview with restaurant marketer, Phil James, as he shares his Milkshake Method to grow their business.

When he starts working with a new restaurant client, he uses a simple, but effective strategy to capture the attention of your customers and get their contact details and bring them back again and again.

This is a fundamental strategy and I like the way it’s simple and works.

When Phil works with restaurant clients, he follows his 5 principles’
1. Set Expectations
2. Gather all digital assets (photos / videos)
3. Create long-term content
4. Gather more assets (internal and external)
5. Using ‘long hanging fruit and bonus assets.

Phil believes knowing the type of customers for your restaurant is important to be able to target them.
He asks the following questions;

What do you do better than your competitors?
How do you reach your ideal customers?
What is the best marketing campaign that you have previously done?
What is the 20 percent of your marketing that brings 80 percent of your sales?
Phil says that when you are creating content, you create audiences that you can retarget with your special offers to drive them to your restaurant.

The audiences are created from prospects that watch and engage with your social media, particularly videos and your email list.

Then you can retarget these audiences that have shown interest in your content and drive them to your restaurant.