ONE tip for all Content Creators

I have read many blogs and watched many videos. I have learnt a great deal of new and interesting things. I have also read and watched a great deal of content that I wished I hadn’t. And I have come to one conclusion. Whether you write a blog or shoot a video, there is just one tip that you need for your content marketing to be effective and reach your audience. And I’m delighted to share this with you.

But before I do, I’d like to give you some background information. Just the other day, I was scrolling through my twitter feed for #videomarketing and as usual it was choker block full of “tips”. These included “6 great tips to improve your content”; “7 hot ways to improve your content”; “10 secrets to creating great content” and so on. And as usual, I scrolled right pass them. In all honesty, I have read them all before – many times. But on this particular occasion, I saw a tweet from a well known blogger, with a catchy title like “10 tips to creating compelling video content”. So I decided to open the link and have a look.

I was greatly disappointed. To start with, the article was not written by the well known blogger himself. He had merely tweeted it, no doubt to keep his name pooping up in the twitter feed. The article was also a year old. In a world where tweets have only a fleeting life-time, one year is an awfully long time. BUT this well known blogger had promoted it so I decided to read it. Well that was a mistake. But I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Tip 1: Upload your video to YouTube
Really? With all the billions of video hours on YouTube I would have thought that if you make a video you might be thinking of putting it YouTube. I may be wrong of course. There may well be some content creators that haven’t thought about YouTube so in that case it would be a good tip.

Tip 2: Create compelling content
Now I would like to think that all of us, try to create compelling content. We may not always succeed, but at least that is our goal. No further comment necessary.

Tip 3: Optimize your content
Yes this is a good tip as we all should optimize to maximize our audience. I even created a 3 part video series on this subject so it must be important, but is it a really new tip? i don’t think so.

Tip 4: Create a strong call to action
As opposed to what? A weak call to action?

I could go on but it doesn’t get any better. Nothing new but just a collection of tidbits that seem to circulate the social media world around and around and around.

This sort of content doesn’t help the “author” to establish themselves with any authority in their niche market. In fact when this type of content is tweeted, posted on social networks or uploaded on video platforms, just creates more clutter, more noise.

And that is a real shame. The reader or viewer will quickly learn to avoid any future content from this “author”. And if this author creates compelling content in the future, the reader will miss out on the content and the author will miss out on an audience. So it’s a loss / loss scenario. No-one benefits from lousy content.

So how do we create great content? Well I have just one tip for you. Just offer ONE tip and make it count! Focus on one thing and give the subject greater depth. Add your own take on the topic it and don’t just regurgitate what someone else has already said. Let us hear your views. Some people may not agree with you but some will, and your content will be far more “compelling” and will make a real contribution to the conversation.

That ‘s it for me now, thank you for your attention, and I would love you hear your feedback on this topic – but please, no lists.

By Gerry Tacovsky
Video Marketing Strategist