Optimise your Video to Maximise your Views Part 3

In the third and final part on optimising your video to maximise your views, we look at the use of annotations to engage with your audience.

Annotations drive viewers to more of your content, engage with your audience and attract new subscribers.

The Annotations Editor is a tool that lets you layer text , hotspots and links over your video creating interactivity with your viewers. Keep them consistent and simple and don’t let them distract your audience from the your content.

I like to keep any links until the end of the video as I don’t want my viewers to click away during the actual video. So I use End Cards.

You can create your own End Cards in Photoshop or other design software, with a subscribe button here or promote another one of your videos using a thumbnail as a link.

Now another way to get your viewers to subscribe to your channel is through Invideo Programming, which allows you to have a Subscribe button running on all your videos.

On your Channel page, go to Video Manager and select Channel Settings and then Invideo Programming.
Then add a Watermark by uploading a YouTube Subscribe image from your computer.

Over the series of these videos we looked at the three essential tools to optimize your video by using Metadata, Thumbnails and Annotations. BUT the most important element to increase your views is still your content. Get that right first.

Gerry Tacovsky
Video Marketing Strategist