Re-Launch Your Restaurant With Exponential Growth

Hello and welcome back to the Restaurant Sales Funnel podcast, I’m Gerry Tacovsky, and today we are going to talk about re-launching your restaurant with exponential growth.

That means re-opening your restaurant with a bang!

So what exactly is Exponential growth?

Some things grow at a consistent rate. For example your sales can increase over time by 20%

Exponential Growth is when you grow faster and faster as the total number itself gets bigger.
So the growth rate itself grows.

This is actually, the opposite strategy of what we have been doing with the Coronavirus.
We have been trying to flatten the curve.

When your restaurant re-opens – you will want exponential growth.
We want the line to shoot straight up, and off the page.
You want to increase your cashflow fast.

You have been starving your cashflow for several weeks, it’s been a famine – so now you want to feast.
So it’s critical to prepare so that you can handle the demand.

Obviously there is a physical limit for growth – you have a finite number chairs that you are licensed for, and there may be government regulations when you re-open but the quicker you reach your capacity, the better off you will be.

To be able to cope with that, you need to plan your strategy now – not the day before you re-open.

So first, you need to create that demand.

Get on to social media and let you fans know that you still exist.

The secret to create exponential growth, is to consistently get new customers in – plus convert a percentage of them into repeat customers that come back again.

For example, you can run a simple promotion that attracts 10 NEW customers every week. That creates a consistent growth.
But to get exponential growth, you need to consistently get some of the new customers back again. That will create exponential growth.

So how do you do that?

You need two things. An incentive to get them to your re-opening of the restaurant. . And you need the ability to re-target them after they have visited your restaurant.

You need to build your database.
So with every new customer that comes into your restaurant, you should be getting their contact details and offer them an incentive to come back the following week.

I believe the best offer – isn’t discounts on your food.
Don’t teach your customers to pay less for your regular menu items.

Instead, teach your customers to come back again and again, pay the full price for your menu items, and reward their behaviour.

Use Reward Points system, like our Restaurant Rewards program. Keep it simple – teach them to come back using rewards points based on visitations. Let them use their points for weekly exclusive specials that they can’t buy on the menu.

That means, they can only get the exclusive offers using their reward points.

Using the combination of attracting new customers and quickly converting them into repeat customers, will give you the exponential growth that you need to get back to full capacity.

I hope you have found this useful.

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