Restaurant Customer Journey Restaurant Customer Journey

Learn the 9 steps of the Restaurant Customer Journey and how you can automate a marketing system that consistently gets new customers, builds your database and increases your customer lifetime value.

In this video, I will show you each of the 9 steps that must follow to grow your restaurant business.

Step 1: Audit your restaurant.
That means you need to survey your customers. Is your food, your service and your restaurant ambiance, positive, or are you having problems and complaints.

If you do have problems, then you need to resolve these issues before you invest in a marketing campaign. Marketing cannot hide a lack of quality. In fact, marketing will spread the word , in a bad way and will accelerate your problems.

Step 2: Awareness
Obviously before you can acquire customers, they need to know that you exist and that you can offer them what they want. This is where social media can excel.

Step 3: Desire
They know you exist, and they will consider trying out your restaurant one day. It is also possible that they will simply forget about you. Afterall, there is a lot of competition out there. So the desire comes from an irresistible offer. You are investing in new customers and collecting their contact details for future sales.

Step 4: Subscribe
This is where they optin with their contact details to claim their irresistible offer.

Step 5: Convert
They walk into your restaurant with their e-coupon to claim their special offer and become paying customers.

Step 6: Excite
You have done the hard work to get new customers to walk into your restaurant. Now you let the quality of your of your food and service to give them an experience that will make them want to come back again.

Step 7: Review
Whilst your new customers are excited from their dining experience, you ask them to complete a Net Promoter Score. If it is positive, ask them to leave an online review. If it is a negative survey, you will have an opportunity to resolve the issues before it goes public.

Step 8: Loyalty
Not all customers are the same. Some can be difficult and costs you more to serve them and others are more valuable for your business. Remember the 80/20 Rule – 20% of your customers provide you with 80% of your revenue.

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