Restaurants Can Survive the Coronavirus

In the fight against the Coronavirus, many businesses have had to close. Restaurants have been banned from serving their customers in their restaurants and many have now closed forever.
Bit there is a solution.

There are two ways to get sales;
1. Home delivery by a third party like Uber Eats. Unfortunately, they eat your profits.
2. Takeaway.
But why would a customer drive to their restaurant to pick up their order, when they can order delivery.
You need to give them an incentive.
This is where Restaurant Rewards can help. This is the engine that drives an automated marketing system that will help them to survive the pandemic.

How Does It Work
1. Customer places an order to your restaurant Online or by Phone.
2. They make a credit card payment.
3. Customer drives to your Restaurant and parks ‘Curbside’ in a designated area.
4. Customer taps their smart phone to let you know that are ready to pick up.
5. You deliver their order to their car.
6. Customer scans your QR Code to add Restaurant Rewards Points to their account.
7. Customer accumulates points and redeems them at your Restaurant.

Instead of offering discounts, you give your customers Reward Points. This will help restaurants with their cashflow. And they will quickly build their database.
Book a free strategy to learn how Restaurant Rewards can work for your restaurant.
Gerry Tacovsky