Restaurants Now Open Create Your One Page Marketing Plan For Your Restaurant

Restaurant Re-Opening For Success
At long last, restaurants are now opening their doors for dining-in customers. Whilst that’s
great news for the industry and the community, there are restrictions in place.

At this moment, Sydney restaurants are allowed just ten diners at anyone time. This may be workable for the smaller restaurants and cafés, but will be unprofitable for larger venues.

Here are some tips that will help you to re-open the right way.

The most important thing you need to do, is to demonstrate how you are ensuring the health of your customers. They need to feel safe.

At all times, stick to the Social Distancing rules. Under no circumstances should you allow more customers inside your restaurant than permitted. It’s not worth the risk to your customer’s health nor the penalty you may receive.

On your tables, you should have hand sanitizers. Ditch the paper menus and use smaller lamented menus that can be easily wiped down.

Serving staff should wear latex gloves. They’re not sexy, but their safer when used properly. This will give your customers greater confidence that they are safe.

So just follow this one rule; sterilise, sterilise, sterilise
The maximise your profit (or minimise your loss) let your customers know that they shouldn’t expect just to show up when they like. Educate them to book a reservation for a set time. With only ten diners at a time, reservations are all but essential and many places want their customers to pay in advance.

In fact, some restaurants insist that all bookings to be made online and a credit card added to secure the reservation. If customers book but then don’t show up then charge them a fee. With only ten people per sitting, that can destroy the entire night’s takings.
The standard restaurant reservation of 7.30pm, and then all night to slowly make your way through 3 courses and a few drinks, may need to rethink the way they dine out. Use multiple nightly seatings. Start from 5.30pm, with each session in 90 minutes.
Diversify your services
Many restaurants have diversified their business during coronavirus to keep income flowing during shutdown.
These strategies have not only compensated for lost income but have been so successful in some cases that a new business model has been born.
Things like cooking classes, at-home chef-cooked dinners, a grocery offering and high-end takeaway have worked well for many restaurants and could remain on the business menu for a long time to come.
The most important strategy for the success of your opening, is to have a marketing plan. Not having one, could result in a something far worse than the Convid19.
• Less Marketing = Less People Will Remember Your Restaurant
• Less Little Extras = Less Delighted Customers
• Less Service Staff = Less Service
• Less Quality Ingredients = Less Customer Enjoyment
• Less Customers = Less Sales
• Less Sales = Less Repeat Customers
If you only have 10 customers in your restaurant, make sure they have a great experience. Treat your 10 Customers with an exceptional experience. This will be key to re-growing your restaurant.
If writing up a marketing plan for your is not something you would look forward to doing, then you are in luck.
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