Restaurant Sales Funnel Done For You Packages

Restaurant Sales Funnel Done For You Packages

  • Create Brand video to engage with your ideal customers on social media.
  • Creates the ‘Know, Like and Trust factor.
  • Build your Custom Audiences to Retarget for future campaigns.
  • Facebook ad targets your Custom Audience with an Irresistible Offer.
  • New Customer downloads Coupon to the smartphone.
  • Reminder Sequence using Email and Text messages to redeem their offer.
  • New customers visit your restaurant and redeem their coupon.
  • Diners are asked to leave a 1-5 star review on your restaurant.
  • Low rating reviews are captured, and will alert you to reach out and resolve issues.
  • High ranking reviews are prompted to leave a review on up to 3 review platforms
  • Easily tracked scans, redemptions, and referrals help track ROI and reduce fraud
  • Increases customer retention with an easy to use reward system for doing what they love – buying from you!
  • Drives more customer sales with reminders if customers haven’t scanned in a few days

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