Restaurant Sales Funnel Offers

Restaurant Sales Funnel Offers

Restaurant owners know they need to use social media to grow their business.

But most of them stumble along, not having the time to post, or knowing what to post, when to post or even where to post.

And when they take their time and effort to post online, they get zero engagement.

For those restaurant owners that do manage to get some LIKES, unfortunately they cannot use them to pay their bills.

But it’s not their fault.

Organic reach for social media posts are now virtually zero.

There’s no doubt that most social media platforms are pushing small businesses into paying advertising. Afterall, the platforms have to make a profit for their shareholders.

But there is some good news.

If you use the right strategy for your social media marketing, you will know exactly what, when and where to post, that will consistently and predicably, drive new customers to your restaurant and build your database, in just 7 days or less.

It all starts by understanding your Restaurant Customer Journey.

There are 9 steps in your Restaurant Customer Journey.

It starts with your ideal customer becoming aware that your restaurant exists, to becoming a loyal promoter of your business. When your customers complete their journey with your restaurant, your business will grow exponentially.

You will have a continuous flow of new and repeat customers.

You will no longer have to worry about paying last week’s bills with next week’s sales.

Unfortunately, most of your customers will never finish your customer journey One their own.

It’s a busy world out there and you have lots of competitors that want their share of your customers’ spend. That means you’re leaving a substantial amount of money on the table.

So what can you do?

You can hope that your customers will complete their journey with you – OR you can decide to help your customers by guiding them through each step of their journey with you.

We have created the Restaurant Sales Funnel that guides each new customer to take each step with your restaurant journey.

That means no more posting on social media with little or zero results.

When your Restaurant Sales Funnel is set up and running for you, you will be able To focus on doing what you do best – serving your customers.

And you will be able to track every penny in your Return On Investment using a live online dashboard.
Every Restaurant is unique, and so every Restaurant Sales Funnel must be customized to deliver maximum results.

If you want your own the Restaurant Sales Funnel to grow your business exponentially…

Then choose the service below that that is best for you and your restaurant.


The Social Media Restaurateur Online Course

  • Learn How To Create Your Own Restaurant Sales Funnel That Guides Your Ideal Prospects Through The 9 Steps Of The Customer Journey.
  • You Will Use ManyChat Messenger Templates To Automate Your System, 24/7 And Track Your ROI.
Online Course $97


Restaurant Sales Funnel Coaching Program

  • You Will Have Full Access Of The Social Media Restaurateur Online! Course!
  • Plus Your Own Personal Coach To Guide You, Step By Step To Build Your Own Restaurant Sales Funnel And Review Your Results To Maximize Your Return On Investment.
Monthly Coaching $197


Restaurant Sales Funnel
Silver Service

  • We will Create A Customized Strategy To Implement For Your Own Restaurant Sales Funnel.
  • You Will Consistently Attract New Customers To Grow Your Database And Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value.
Monthly Service $297