Six Principles For Markering Your Restaurant The Six Principles To Marketing Your Restaurant

In this video, you will learn the 6 Principles that are the foundations of marketing.
If you apply each of these six principles to your restaurant business, you will consistently attract your ideal customers and increase your sales.

The Six Principles are;

This is the location of your restaurant. If your restaurant is located on a deserted island, then no matter how awesome your food and service, you will always struggle to attract customers.
So cut your losses and find a better location.

The restaurant business is a ‘people’ industry. This includes your kitchen and front of house staff, your suppliers, and marketers and customers.

Your food is your primary product. The quality and consistency of your food determines the success or otherwise to your business.

We eat with our eyes. The presentation of your food and the ambience of the room helps to deliver an experience for your diners that will bring them back again and again.

5. PRICE If you nailed the first 4 principles for your restaurant, then you will have the ability to set your Price to maximise your sales.

6. PROMOTION The final “P” . This is your marketing, and creating irresistible offers that drives new and existing customers to your restaurant.

When you use each of the Six principles, you will earn the most important “P” PROFIT.