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What To Post When You Don’t Know What to Post
Do you run out of ideas to post on social media?

If your posts are not getting engagement from Shares, Likes and Comments then you may be feeling your wasting your time.

In this interview with Court Allam, he will share his strategy what to post to grow your social media audience and convert them into paying customers and increase your sales.

The 3P Posting Plan to Post
1. Product : show case your food
2. People : These are your restaurant staff and customers
3. Process: Show how your food being created

You don’t need any fancy equipment. Use your smart phone to get close up photos of your food and use videos of the preparation of the food.

I will add one very important point; when you take images of your food, be sure it will look exactly as how your customers will be served. If your food image doesn’t look like what you serve to your customers, then you will generate buyer remorse.

Buyer’s Remorse is a type of Cognitive Dissonance. It’s a negative feeling that a customer has when a purchase is below expectations, leading to second thoughts or doubts after the purchase.

So be sure that you post images of your food that you can consistently deliver, even during the busy times.