The 7 Key Questions for your Video Marketing Strategy

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“Judge a man by his questions, not by his answers.” – Voltaire.
Are you getting the results you were hoping with your video marketing. If not, you need to re-think you strategy. I won’t be giving you the answers – just the right questions.
1. What is your objective?
What exactly do you want to achieve from this video? You need to be very clear about your objective. It’s like going for a drive in a car, you need to have a destination, or else you likely end up anywhere.
Do you want to …
Increase brand awareness?
Position yourself as an authority in your niche?
Show the benefits of your products or services?
Drive traffic to your website?
Build your email list?
Convert leads into sales?
Be more specific by adding a measurement and time;
for example – increase your email list by 10% by the 4th week of publishing your video.
2. Who is your target audience?
Identify who is going to help you achieve your objective. For example, if you want to build your email list, then obviously you want your target audience to be new viewers rather than your existing database.
Again be very specific by creating an audience persona of who you are targeting, such as their demographic, age, gender, geographical location, personality, their core values and beliefs. In B2B are they the decision maker, the influencer or the end user?
Find an image of your ideal customer and constantly refer back to it when you’re creating your video.
3. Why will your audience watch your video?
Think why your audience will want to watch your video rather than why you want them to watch it. Are you scratching their itch? Your video should provide a solution to their problem? The bigger the problem, the better your solution, the greater success you will have.
4. Which type of video should you use?
There are many ways to tell your story – through animation, talking heads, interview style, testimonials, product demos. The type of video you use must be relevant to your audience persona and help you to achieve your objective.
5. Where will you find your audience?
Identify which social media platform does your audience persona use –
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instgram, Pinterest, Google+, Vine, Snapchat, Linkedin.
Wherever they may be, so to must your video. And don’t just upload and go – reply to comments and us you videos to build a relationship with your community.
6. When will you publish your video?
The most successful brands publish high volumes of content on a regular basis. An effective strategy is not only to deliver great content that’s relevant to your target audience, but also deliver it consistently, and at the right time. This is particularly true if your business is seasonal. So it’s critical to have a content calendar, so you know exactly when each video must be published to optimise its success.
Remember – a regular schedule trains your fans to anticipate your videos which helps to develop loyalty and engagement.
7. How will you measure your ROI?
Your key indicators should support your objectives.
For example, if your objective was to increase brand awareness, you can look at the cost per view of your video. If your objective was to build a stronger relationship, you can measure the video’s engagement such as comments, likes and shares of your video.
I hope these 7 key questions will help guide your video marketing strategy in the right direction and get the results you need for your business.
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Gerry Tacovsky
Video Marketing Strategist