The Secret of The Five Stages of Awareness Revealed The Secret of the Five Stages of Awareness For Restaurants

I am going to share with you a $1,443.90 secret.

The secret is revealed in a book from the 1960’s by Eugene Schwartz called “Breakthrough Advertising”.
You can by your own copy of the book on ebay for just $1,443.90. You may be lucky and find it on Amazon – but be prepared to pay more for it.

Thankfully, you won’t have to pull out your credit card, because I’ve got the book, and I will share with you the core strategy that will change your business forever.

There are 5 Stages of Awareness in the market. When you understand what they are, and how they work, you can say goodbye to the stress of the rollercoaster of sales.

In fact, I have adapted the strategy specifically for local restaurants in 2020, and when you use this secret for your restaurant, it will transform the way you do your marketing.
No more guessing which promotion will work. No more wasting marketing dollars.
Just imagine you had a magic wand. What would you wish for?

As a restaurant owner, you would probably wish for a profitable business. And let me say this – there are no business problems that cannot be solved by money. You can hire whoever you need to improve your kitchen and service staff. You can purchase the best produce for your menu. You can even change your restaurant location and take a holiday.

So don’t waste any more time struggling to pay the bills, and start working smarter, not harder. Enjoy the success you deserve.

Gerry Tacovsky
Social Media Marketing For Restaurants