How To Use Video To Get More Customers


Hey, Gerry Tacovsky here,
If you’re trying to sell a product or service online but you’re not getting enough sales, or worse still… you ain’t selling a thing, then here’s the thing.
It all comes down to just one of three causes and I’m going to share with in this video, how to overcome these challenges, so that you will get more people to buy your stuff.
The first cause is that your potential customers don’t know who you are or what you have to offer.
Let’s face the facts;
There are billions of people in this world and 99.9% of them won’t even know that you exist.
But when you think the name Mark Zuggerberg or Tony Robins, you instantly create an image of them in your own mind. You can’t help it – you’re doung it right now.
That’s the power of branding.
So what happens when your potential customers think of your name?
If they don’t know that you or your product, exists, then they’ll never buy from you. That’s called, lack of brand awareness.
The second reason for not getting enough customers, is that they might be aware of you, but you haven’t built a relationship with them, so there isn’t that essential, know, like and trust factor.
We buy brands that we know will get the desired result that we are after – and we’ll even pay more for them than for similar unknown products.
That’s the power of trust.

The third reason is for the lack of sales, is that even if they know you and your products, and you’ve built that trust, your offer just isn’t compelling enough.
There are literally hundreds and thousands choices they can make and if your offer isn’t right – we’re not going to buy. They may be due to the price, the positioning of the product, the perception of value or there might be better alternatives offers out there.
That’s the power of the offer.
Now the good news is that all of these problems, can be easily solved by using three very specific videos, that work together to guide your ideal target audience, right through the customer journey to buy your stuff.
Now I would like to invite you to a free Masterclass…
That’s a fancy name for a webinar
And it’s literally starting…
Right now.
So click the link below and register now so that you can learn how to overcome these three challenges and start generating new leads and customers to sell more of your stuff.
I’ve got to go and ready for the class. See you there.

How To Use Video to Get More Customers Everyday

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