Using Video for your Sales Funnel

Video is an extremely effective tool when used in your sales funnel. You can create a series of videos to attract your target audience, grow your email list, build a relationship with your leads and nurture them until they are ready to buy from you.
Attract your Target Audience
The first series of videos are used to attract your target audience. You need to be very specific when identifying your “audience persona” or your ideal customer. Determine their gender, age, location, income, family status and right through to their core beliefs, needs and wants.
More importantly, you want to be able to identify their pain points or what keeps them up at night and how your product or service can help them solve their problems. The greater their pain and the more effective the solution is, the greater success you will be attracting your audience.
Grow your Email List
One of the most common regrets I hear from my fellow online entrepreneurs is that they didn’t start building their email list right from the start. The value of any business is in direct proportion to the size of their list. Every video you create for the top of your funnel should use a Call to Action that helps you to grow your email list.
To receive someone’s email, an exchange must take place. First you must create trust and demonstrate your authority in your particular niche. Your target videos should do that for you as long as you produce quality content and deliver it consistently. Now when you ask for your target audience’s email, you will need to make an irresistible offer.
Essentially there are two options to take; you can offer a valued generic gift such as an ebook, report, or training video related to your niche. This offer can be made with all of your video content. Or you can offer specific, smaller gifts that are directly related to each individual video. For example if your video’s topic is how to clean your swimming pool, you could offer a free PDF download with a step by step guide to cleaning your pool.
Whichever method you decide on, your offer must have a real value to your target audience, enough for them to give your their email.
Build your Community
Now that you have their email, you can begin to develop a one-to-one communication strategy that is based on giving them valuable content and developing your “community”. A community is simply a group of people with a common set of values and core beliefs. People that believe what you believe develops trust. After all, our very survival depends by surrounding ourselves with people we can trust.
In this part of the sales funnel, you will need to share your values and core beliefs and the most effective way to do this is through sharing your brand story. Creating videos that tell your stories in an authentic and compelling manner, will help build powerful, emotional connections with your audience.
Our decision-making is motivated largely by our emotions and our ability to trust. The old adage, “facts tell, but stories sell,” because stories appeal to our emotional brain, where the vast majority of our decision making is done. Successful brands don’t focus on WHAT they do or HOW they do it – those are by-products of WHY they do it.
Lead Nurturing
Lead nurturing is a crucial part of your marketing and sales success. Studies show that 50% of leads are qualified but aren’t immediately ready to buy. So you need to adjust your video content based on their point in the sales cycle. Map out a strategic plan in which you decide what content is most appropriate for a person to receive at a given time.
Segment your email list based on the buying cycle of each lead. This can be determined by measuring each lead’s click-through and time spent viewing the video. For example if you email a video link to your latest product, you can see exactly who clicked the link and how long did they watch the video. Those with the longest retention rate are your HOT leads and should be followed up with special offers or invited to a live webinar. Here you can present your product’s benefits, provide case studies and testimonials and answer any questions that may be holding them back from making a purchase. You can also add scarcity tactics by providing a special offer that is only available during the live webinar.
Of course there will be some leads that won’t click on your video links and so you must continue to nurture them. When you nurture your leads, you give them what they need to grow strong and healthy. Nurturing takes time, thought, and care.
At the end of the day, success only comes when you have a “win – win” situation. Your customer had a problem and your product helped them to solve it.
Gerry Tacovsky
Video Marketing Strategist