Brand Video Script
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Brand Video Script

Brand Video Script

The Brand Video’s objective is to introduce your business as a Solution Provider for a Specific Problem to a Specific Audience.

You will be targeting a Cold Audience who are unaware of their problem and your solution.

Keep this video short (1 to 2 minutes) to share Brand Story and how it relates to your audience and provide them a Gold Nugget to prove you can help them.

To create your Brand Video script, simply complete the 7 steps, using the examples to guide you. Then click the GENERATE MY SCRIPT button, and your personalised Brand Video Script will automatically be sent to your email, ready to use. Tweak as needed and pick up your smartphone or video camera and start recording your video.

  • Example: Close up of Face – Human Connection / Unusual or Interesting Background Create Movement / Colour Contrast / Text Overlay / Animation (NOTE: No Audio)
  • Example: Call out your audience and their problem “Are you passionate about your business but struggle to get enough customers?”
  • Example: “Hi I’m Gerry Tacovsky and in a moment, I will share with you the One Thing that can really help you to consistently get more customers, but first, let me confess about my first business.”
  • Example: Tell Your Audience why they should listen to you. Share your Brand Story. “I had just won the best Mobile Movie Award at the World’s Largest Short Film Festival”.
  • Example: Tell them you were once in their shoes. “Even though I had a marketable skill, I didn’t have a proven strategy to get customers. Without consistent sales, I had to shut down my video business. I never want to go through that again.”
  • Example: Demonstrate that you can help them. “Here are the 3 types of video campaigns that will consistently generate new leads and sales.”
  • Example: Segment your audience by offering them a choice of two videos to watch. “If you have an online business then watch Video A or if you have a local business, watch Video B.”