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Video Marketing Integration Packages

Brand Awareness

  • Setup survey to identify any potential problems before driving traffic to your restaurant.
  • Create your Brand Story to engage with your ideal customers.
  • Develop your Unique Selling Proposition that makes you different from your competitors.
  • Create a Custom Audience that watched your Brand Video so that you can retarget them again.

Viral Giveaways

  • Setup Giveaway Promotion with a prize (eg. $50 Gift Card) that will generate interest for your restaurant.
  • Participants enter by Facebook Messenger.
  • All participants receive an e-coupon to send them to your restaurant.
  • Grow your Messenger Subscribers and Email Database.
  • Track your Return On Investment.

Loyalty Rewards

  • Setup multi-tiered custom-made Rewards Program to keep existing customers coming back again and again.
  • No apps to download or outdated punch cards.
  • Customers earn reward points for every dollar spend and is flexible for every type of restaurant.
  • Every action is recorded so you can track a customer's lifetime value through the loyalty system.
  • Viral aspect rewards customers for Reviews and Referring friends for your restaurant.

We Customise Packages For Your Needs and Budget

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