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Video System

Video Strategy to Grow Your Business

There are over eight billion video views on Facebook and five billion on YouTube each and every day. Never before has there been the potential for any marketer or business to reach out to a specific and highly targeted audience and measure their engagement in real time.

However it is also true that most marketing videos actually fail. They don’t get people to buy their stuff or worse still, don’t even get people to watch their videos.

When you spend your valuable time and money creating a video, you want to get results, and get them fast. You hope your videogoes viral, get tons of views and get customers to line up ready to buy you products and services.
This is what we call the Lone Video Syndrome. You’re taking a gamble that one of your videos will hit all the right buttons and give you instant success.The chances of that happening are like winning a lottery, and hardly worth the risk to your business on those odds.

So Vimaco has developed a natural system based on the Classic Customer Journey – using just three videos that work together to deliver you your desired results.
The Customer Journey is made up of 5 stages:

1. The first stage is when your target audience is unaware of a specific problem they have. Here we use the Brand Video to introduce yourself to a cold audience and help them to identify the specific problem that you can resolve. Your video than guides them through the next stage.

2. The second stage is when your target audience become aware of the problem and they have a desire to resolve it, but not a solution.

3. The third stage is when your audience become aware of solutions to their problem. Here your Content Video provides real value to your target audience by showing them how you can help them, by actually helping them.

4. The fourth stage is when your audience considers your solution.Your Content Video continues to help build the know, like and trustfactor which is essential for the conversion stage.

5. Finally the fifth stage is where you use the Call to Action Video to provide your audience with an offer for your product or service.

Most businesses focus on the final conversion stage when the customer is ready to buy. However this stage has the smallest number of potential customers and is by far the most competitive.

Now unless you are a big brand like Google, Amazon or Apple, then most of your target audience don’t know who you are or what you have to offer. So trying to sell to them when they are ready to buy simply doesn’t work. You haven’t built that relationship which creates trust. You need to start from the beginning of the Customer journey.

The Integrated Video System starts the journey with your prospect right from the start, until they are ready to buy from you.
So you see this sequence of videos don’t need a ton of views – just very specific ones that are remarketed from each previous video. These videos work hard together to get you the results that you desire.

If you would you like to know how an Integrated Video System will consistently generate new leads and sales for your business, then click the below for a Free Strategy Session.