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Get Started Resources Checklist

Here are some of my favorite resources and links to get started with creating your own Video Ad Integration.


If you are just starting out then check out and look at their Business package. You need a fast and reliable Web Host that provides support when you need it most.


If you are going to use the Video Ad Integration strategy, then you need to have a product or service ready to offer your potential customers so that you can get a ROI for your ad spend.

Target Audience

You must specify your ideal customer and how your product can help them. Use your subscribers, Facebook Groups and Survey Monkey to learn the words they use to describe their desires and pain so that you can use them in your videos.

Sales Pages / Funnels / Carts

When you are selling your stuff, you need sales pages that are optimized to increase conversions. The industry leaders are Leadpages and ClickFunnels. Use Samcart to complete the sales transaction.


WebinarNinja is the one I use for all of my online workshops and sales webinars. Good features, reliable with quality customer service. They recently upgraded to 5.0, which is really cool. Use a quality webcam and microphone. I use Logitech C920 and Audio Technica ATR 2100.

Video Cameras

Start with what you have in your pocket. If you’re looking to upgrade, then the best smartphone cameras are the Apple iphone X, Google Pixel 2 XL and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I use the professional camcorder Canon XA30 for all my video ads. Superb image reproduction and works with professional microphones with a XLR connection to deliver quality videos.


Tripods are essential to keep your image from shaking which can detract from the actual content. Tripods come in two sections; the legs and the head. The legs need to be solid and adjustable. If you will be using a camera operator, then look for a fluid head to get smooth pans and tilts. The best tripods are Manfrottos and I should know, I own three and they are going to outlast me. For my smartphone, I use a mini tripod that I can place on my desk for Facebook Live Videos.


Don’t rely on the microphone from your video camera or smartphone for quality audio. You need an external microphone that is positioned as close as possible to your mouth. The lavaliere mic is clipped on your collar and can be wired or wireless. Here’s a cheap Lav mic that does a great job. Alternatively, you can use a shotgun mic that only captures sound straight in front of it. The Rode NTG2 is the one I use for all my video ads. You need a camera with a XLR connection.


Using a Ring Light is perfect for a one person set up. It’s portable so you can set it anywhere. However the traditional 3 Point Lighting is still the best if you have a dedicated space to set up your studio.


It’s very handy to have this 5-in-1 Oval Reflector if you are out on location especially outdoors. You can use the sun as your key light and the reflector the bounce the light back as the fill light.

Video Editing Software

Adobe Premier Pro and Apple’s Final Cut are two of the best video editors. They can be used to edit Hollywood movies but there is a steep learning curve to use them effectively. There are many other free video editing tools so use Google to find something your like. You can also use my cloud-based VideoAdCreator which has tons of free royalty free video clips uploaded for you to use along with your own clips. This app is free when you join the Video Ad Mastermind membership program.

Screen Capture Software

Camptasia will capture your screen, edit your videos and has some useful special effects. For Mac users, Screenflow will do the job for you just as well.


All the tools in the world are worthless without you. Get the basic things you need now to get started right away. As time goes on, you can add other tools to help you as your video skills grow. However the most important resource is YOU. You are unique. That will make you videos different from everyone else so don’t be afraid to stand out. Just be YOU!