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Video Ad Integration

Video Ad Integration

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“How To Consistently Get Leads & Sales
With 3 Essential Video Ad Campaigns”

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  • Are you passionate about your business?
  • Do you have a great product or service that can really help people?
  • But are your struggling to get enough customers to buy your stuff?

You are not alone. Selling your stuff online can be a lot harder than people think. According to Forbes, 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start an online business, fail within the first 120 days. That’s a whopping 90% crash and burn. The fact is they just didn’t sell enough of their stuff to become a profitable business. But that doesn’t have to be your story too.

What if I told you there’s ONE THING that will help you turn the tap up when you need more customers, and turn the tap down when you have too many customers to handle.

In a moment, I will share with you the exact one thing I learnt, but before I do, I want to confess about my own first business experience.

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to hear these words…“and the winner is Gerry Tacovsky”. I had just won the Best Mobile Movie at Tropfest, the World’s Largest Short Movie Festival. I thought I had made it! I used my winnings to purchase the best video equipment I could afford and I started my dream of running a video production business.

I knew how to make great videos, but being an introvert, I was never comfortable hustling for business. I dreaded attending those networking events and trying to pitch my business. The bottom line is that I just couldn’t get enough customers to keep my business operating.

It all came to an end when I had to front up to my bank manager to tell him that I couldn’t pay the mortgage. At the time I had two young boys with a stay at home wife to support. So I had to grab the first job I could, working behind bar, while I studied for a marketing degree.

It all seemed worthwhile when I picked up a plumb job as the marketing manager of a major hospitality venue. I admit that the financial security allowed me to sleep well at nights, but inside, I still felt the urge to run my own business.

This time, I knew I couldn’t afford to make the same mistakes and risk losing everything again.
And that’s when I was inspired by the ONE THING that changed everything.

I was watching the kid’s show, Spongebob with my two boys, who were dressed up in their pirate costumes. I thought it would be cool to make them pirates in their own pirate movie. So I did the research about pirates and I became fascinated by the strategy used to capture merchant ships. They used just three simple steps;

First they fired cannon balls in front of their target ship, not to sink it, but simply to capture their attention.

Then they replaced the regular cannon balls with two balls that were linked together by chains. These were designed to take down the sails and rigging of the merchant ship, so that they couldn’t escape. In a sense, they became a captive audience.

Finally they followed up by firing bags filled with ragged iron pieces. These bags would disintegrate when fired and the iron pieces would fly over the merchant ship, injuring all those on deck. This allowed the pirates to go on board the merchant ship and take the bounty.

Obviously I don’t suggest we should ever do what the pirates did, but they had a simple system in place which used the same vehicle, in this case the canon, but changed the ammunition, or the content, to achieve a very specific result which helped them with their overall objective.

This was my inspiration in creating a 3 part video campaign system that would capture the attention of my ideal audience, cultivate them to build the essential know like and trust to keep them from leaving, and convert them into paying customers.

You may or may not have already realized just how powerful this strategy can be for your video ads.

Now before I go on any further, I want to talk about the myth of the viral video or what I call the Lone Video Syndrome. When we think of successful marketing videos, we think of videos like the Dollar Shave Club which got over 19 million views and turned the start-up into a $615 million dollar company.

But the reality is that creating a viral video is like buying a lottery ticket and hoping to win the jackpot. Statistics show that 53% of videos get less than 500 views and only 0.3% get a million views. Personally, I wouldn’t want to risk my business, trying to get a viral video. But the fact is you don’t need to.

Simply by setting up your own Video Ad Integration, your videos don’t need a million views; just highly targeted viewers that are guided through the Customer Awareness Journey from a Cold Audience who don’t who you are, to a Hot Audience that want to buy your stuff.

Videos are essential for you to build your personal brand. When you think of Tony Robins or Oprah, you can’t help creating their image in your own mind. And being in front of the camera allows you to have the same effect on your audience. You don’t need to be known by millions of people, just those in your niche market. And the most effective way, is by creating your Video Ad Integration.

Creating your own Video Ad Integration is like having the security of a full time job, but still running your own business. And that incidentally that makes my bank manager much happier too.

So I have written a new book with the strategies I use, for you to create your own Video Ad Integration. It’s a quick read, without all the fluff, so that you can get going straight away.

New Book Reveals…

  • The 7 Reasongs Why No-one is Buying Your Stuff and How to Fix it.
  • Brand Yourself as an Authority in Your Niche.
  • How to Run Your Video Ad Campaigns Without Losing Your Money.
  • How to Quickly Create Your Videos Using the 3 Phases.
  • The 6-5 Strategy to Optimize Your Videos Ads For Mobile.
  • Facebook Live Video Streaming to Drive Your Business.

Here’s What to Do Next!

We know strategies are great. But without ACTION, nothing ever happens. So that’s why I have something for you to take action on.

Right now, you can get the Book for just $7. That’s right, seven dollars. For the price of a burger and fries from your favourite fast food restaurant. A burger and fries might nice, but it will never change your business or life like this book will.

This book is digital so you can click the link below, and get your book right away and instantly start using the strategies to grow your business.

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Now one more thing. You’ve probably tried many different strategies for your business before and you’re still feeling stuck.

I could tell you that Video Ad Integration will be the most effective customer generation strategy you will ever use- But I won’t.

I’ll let you discover it for yourself today

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You may have done some online courses, attended live events or even hired a coach or a consultant. But you’re still not where you want to be.

I know exactly how you feel. I’ve done all that stuff as well.

Now I don’t want you to feel rushed, so keep the book for a full month and if you decide it’s not for you, just let me know, and I’ll refund every penny in full – no questions asked, and you can keep the book. So you have nothing to lose.

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