When You Should NOT Be marketing Your Restaurant

Are You Sending Your Customers To A Restaurant On Fire?

Every Restaurant and Business Owner understands that if they want to consistently get new customers and grow their business, then they need to invest in their marketing.

However, there may be a time when they need to stop all of their marketing, or risk closing down.

Marketing amplifies your restaurant brand – for better or worse. On most occasions, we use marketing to create awareness and the desire for prospects to consume our products and services.

That’s all good – just a long as the product or service you offer is to a standard that the customer requires.

However, it all falls apart if your offer is below your customers’ expectations. If your restaurant’s food or service is below par, then your marketing will increase the number of people who will become aware of your failings. That means the more you market a dud restaurant, the quicker it will close down.

There is only one solution if you want to keep your business operating. Find out exactly what is wrong, and fix it fast.

There is no time for guess work. Set up a quick customer survey using the popular Net Promoter Score.

This is a simple two part survey that will help you identify the problems from your customer’s perspective.

First, your survey will ask participants to rate their answer out of ten to “How likely is it that you would recommend our restaurant to a friend or colleague?”

A score of “0 to 6” Not Likely At All will classify them as being Detractor; a score of “7 or 8” is a Passive and a “9 or 10” being Extremely Likely, will be classified as a Promoter. If you have more Detractors than Promoters, then your greatest fears have been met – your customers really think your beloved restaurant really sucks.

The second question in the survey identifies the actual problems by asking participants, WHY they selected their score. Pay attention to every comment and if there are consistent themes, then you are lucky. You know what you need to fix.

Turning around a restaurant with a bad reputation is tough. Really tough. It may need re-branding and starting all over again. But when you get it right, your customers will tell you. And marketing will be your best friend again.

Gerry Tacovsky

Video Marketing Integration Strategist